Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Absense

Hey everyone. I apologize for being gone so long. It looks like I'll be updating irregularly for a while yet. It's incredibly frustrating, for me just as much as you, but I have good reasons! I promise!

First of all, my computer still won't load anything related to Google, so Blogger is out of the question. I'm writing this from one of my roommate's computers, and will have to update from it for the forseeable future.

Second, I just finished another semester, and there was no way I could manage all the homework and studying I had for my classes with updating a blog, even once a week. I take research pretty seriously, and a blog can take me a few hours to write. So.. I had to set it aside.

Third, my roommate and I just moved to Belleville, a wonderful little paranormal-filled town. Seriously, there are more books on the supernatural at this little library than the whole of Ann Arbor's branches put together. Plus, the place looks like Sunnydale or something. I've already decided I'm going to be the next Vampire Slayer.

But, this also means that we have no internet in our apartment, because neither of us can afford it. Our Clubhouse next door does have it, however. The problem with that is that it's spotty, and neither of us can connect to it all the time. So I use the internet while I'm out and about, but that's unfortunately not all the time.

On top of THAT, I'm helping a friend through a paranormal crisis (read: possible possession, we're not sure), and a lot of time has been taken up by that.

So, all of this to say I'm sorry. I'll be back as regularly as possible soon. Summer has begun, and I finally have the time to fix my computer. Thank you for your patience, I am lucky to have all of as readers!